Friday, January 20, 2012

How to Cook Plantains

(I got this idea from this post at Life, Gluten Free. Also, for more on the do's and don't's of cooking plantains, click here.)
Introducing plantains:

What is a plantain, you may ask? They are similar to bananas, but are starchier, and are usually not eaten raw. The peeling of plantains is thicker than a banana's, so it's a little harder to peel. For this recipe, you have to wait till the plantain peeling is black. That's when it's perfect to cook. I tried frying it when it was still green, and it came out tasting like the consistency of french fries--which isn't horrible, but not exactly right when you're looking for caramel-ly sweet richness.

Slice the plantains thinly. (One reason for my "french fry"-like plantains the first time was because I sliced them too thickly) You can do this in rounds or longways.

I like to fry mine in coconut oil. Just put a blob in the skillet on medium high until it melts.

Fry on both sides, or until the slices turn a dark brown, and almost look burnt. That means they're perfect!

(Some people may not cook theirs this long. But my sister has been to Guatemala, and she says that they cook theirs like this--except sliced longways--and they melt in your mouth.)

I can't describe to you exactly what these taste like (maybe crunchy on the outside, sweet, rich fruitness on the inside), but you should definitely try them for yourself!
I would share some with you, but I already ate them all :)

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