Thursday, December 1, 2011

Good for What Ails You

a.k.a. Confessions of a....well,...."me."

I learned something today.

Having been hit today with some sort of bug, I discovered something: Now that I'm GFSF (gluten free, sugar free), I can't look to the usual comforts that I've been used to when I get sick. Sprite, Saltine crackers, canned chicken noodle soup...nope. I could make my own chicken noodle soup, but I wasn't quite prepared enough for that today, so I will forgo that opportunity at the moment.

So what now? Water, maybe a banana, and some gluten free pretzel sticks (yes, they do exist!)
And my favorite: herbal peppermint tea :)

One good thing about having to call in sick...I get to stay home all day! :)
Let me tell you something about myself:
I love my home.
It doesn't matter if it's been a dorm room or an apartment...I make it "my own," and I love it. I love spending time in the kitchen cooking. I love cleaning and getting ready to have people over. I love washing dishes (well, maybe not "love," but I like the results of a clean kitchen!). I love my bedroom. And I love just sitting and having tea...even if it's sometimes just "tea for one" in the mornings. Honestly, I haven't had this for a while, and I thoroughly enjoy it when I can get it. It's not always in a teacup; most mornings before work, it's in a mug, but it still has a calming effect on my morning.

 This is one of my favorite teacups. It belonged to my great-grandmother, and it's purple (my favorite color). It also has butterflies on it (incidentally, I like butterflies!). The saucer is cracked in half, and has been carefully glued back together. But even though it's been broken, that's one of the reasons that I think I like it so reminds me that--even when we are broken and full of flaws--God still uses us and fills us and speaks gentle, loving words to us.

So maybe for you, your greatest respite is not tea...Maybe it's the few moments you get to yourself right after you put the kids to bed. Or maybe it's spending 30 minutes reading your favorite book. Or maybe it's just watching the ducks or geese or whatever birds happen to be outside. What do you like to do?...Enjoy it, soak it in...And enjoy life! ~

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