Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Not just any old salad....

If you're one of those people who tends to take your own lunch to work, I'm here to help you out! One of the common things for me to pack in a container for my lunch is a salad. But this doesn't have to be a boring salad, as long as you keep a few ingredients stocked in your fridge.

Here is a basic guide for the kinds of simple salads I like to bring to lunch:
(You'll notice in the picture that this one was taken on the way to work, hence the plastic container...)

Fresh lettuce (I prefer raw spinach leaves)
sugar snap peas, baby carrots, or other veggies
cheese (I like fresh Parmesan or shredded Mexican cheddar blend)
nuts (almonds or roasted pecans)

Just grab a handful of whatever you have on hand--Remember, color your food!

And top with your favorite dressing (my current favorite is a basil and olive oil vinaigrette, but I hope to soon learn how to make my own blends as well).

Have fun making up your own favorite combinations! :)

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