Sunday, July 15, 2012

What I've been eating lately...

In case you're looking for new ideas to add to your summer meal planning, let me just take the time to share some of the great blogger recipes that I've been trying lately. I don't always post them, but these definitely hit the top of my list, and I would like to spread the word of these creative geniuses with you :) Hopefully this may give you meal ideas as the summer months roll along!

Flax Foccocia Bread - from Whole New Mom

This simple flat bread may not look like much, but I've come to love it! This is the first time that I've really used a lot of flax in my baking (my previous image of flax was of my dad trying to down flax seed oil because he knew it was good for his health!). I also used this recipe, and spread 1/2 of it over a 9x13" baking pan, so that the crust is thinner, and then used it for pizza squares and spaghetti bread (spread with olive oil, garlic, and fresh rosemary) and toasted. So yummy!

Coconut Lime Chicken Bites - from Daily Bites

These are perfect for the summer time! I like them both hot from the oven, and also chilled in the refrigerator and tossed over salads. Homemade honey mustard dressing (equal parts honey and mustard) is my favorite with these :)

Grain Free Granola Bars -from The Seasonal Family
I've enjoyed making these as another option for granola. I found some dried figs and unsweetened dried cherries that I used with these. I like the way this recipe is written, because it allows for you to be flexible and use whatever nuts and/ or fruits your family enjoys (or whatever you happen to have on hand!).

Also, here are some of my personal recipes that I've been enjoying lately: 
- Zippy Garlic Crackers  with Five-Minute Hummus
- All sorts of fruit smoothies (sometimes that's all I want for a meal because it's so hot! I've started adding a handful of walnuts or almond slivers, too, for some protein)
- Fruit water (try lime water, or pineapple with mint!)
- Green Bell Pepper Casserole
- Cherry Berry Cereal
- Zucchini Pizza (zucchini anything, really)
- plus some more new recipes that I will share with you very soon!!

I hope you are having a great summer, and enjoying time with family and friends!

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