Saturday, November 5, 2011

Adventures in Coupon land

I just thought I'd put a little blurb in here about coupons...Seeing as I want to continue eating gf, I can already tell that this could get expensive. So after my last grocery trip (those groceries better last me a good 2-3 weeks!), I decided to get proactive.

1) As I make my grocery list each week, I'm going to actually pay attention to what is marked down at the grocery store. I may not get the same kind of apples I always get, but I will still get apples, etc, and save money.
2) I have started clipping coupons. Especially for certain items that can take a chunk out of my budget, like coconut milk.
3) I am going to start making my own chicken/veggie broth...the gf version at the store is expensive! And I like my soups in the fall and winter :)
Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions as I begin my quest toward being GF on a budget?

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