Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving, Gluten Free!

So, this is my first Thanksgiving going without gluten...and it went very well! Sooo yummy! :) I made gluten free cornbread dressing...I was excited about this, because I thought that I'd never be able to have it again after going GF:

 Also, I had planned on bringing my own GF bread, because (even though I haven't been craving as much bread since going without gluten) I knew that I'd want some after being surrounded by dozens of soft yeast rolls. Well, my dad did his research and made Gluten Free potato rolls!

And let me tell you, these rolls were heavenly! I've tried several different bread recipes, but have not always been completely satisfied with the taste or texture (gf flours are still not the same as wheat flour!)...however, the texture in these rolls was so fluffy and perfect--and they didn't even have to rise! Recipe post to come:

So, with everyone in the family pitching in, my Thanksgiving meal consisted of smoked turkey, cranberry-orange sauce (recipe to come!), deviled eggs, autumn salad (with pears, walnuts, and poppyseed dressing), crockpot green beans, gf potato rolls, and butternut squash soup.
Add all my family in, and all in all, I'd say it was a very blessed Thanksgiving! ~

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