Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Here goes....

I said that I'd never write a blog. I guess those are now my "famous last words."

Why? For me, the reason was simple: I did not want the whole world knowing about all my business. However, with my new venturing into the world of a life without gluten (and, for the moment, no--or only natural--sugars), I decided to share my discoveries along the way. I am aware that many others have been doing this for a lot longer than me, and are probably far better at it. But I do believe that my story counts. And maybe this will only be for my own benefit--a sort of "venting" or creative expression--and I am ok with that, too. But I think that God may have more in store.

So I'm going to share.

I hope through this blog, I can encourage and inspire others. Even if you aren't gluten-free, have fun exploring these recipes with me! And yes, maybe even learn to play with your food :)

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