Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's Amore...

I've been gluten-free for ten months today.
And yes, I have finally fallen in love with a recipe for Gluten Free pizza.

Using the recipe for pizza crust in Shauna Ahern's book Gluten Free Girl, I started experimenting last week. This picture was actually taken the first time I made it, when the crust was a bit too thick (but I thought the picture was pretty!). The second time, I divided the dough between two medium-sized pizza pans and rolled/ patted out the dough to be as thin as possible. I won't re-type the recipe here; just believe me that the book is worth buying :)

I remember in my pre-GF days when my family would get the cracker-thin crust pizza from Pizza Hut on special nights, and we would all watch a movie, and eat so much pizza and be so stuffed, but happy. I thought I'd never have that again. But tonight, that's how this pizza turned out: thin-crunchy crust, turkey pepperoni's (a splurge), with chopped onions, bell pepper, tomatoes, fresh cilantro, basil, and Italian seasoning...Ending the evening full and happy. And the leftover pizza in the fridge for tomorrow never has made me so excited :)

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